The Center

Transformational Healing Center is a safe, protected, light filled space.  I personally clear the energy everyday and call in light for your healing, growth and comfort.  I apply the Sacred Geometry techniques that I teach to create a sacred Temple space and there are over a hundred crystals on the ceiling in special grids to hold a high vibrational energy (as taught in Sacred Geometry 2).  There is a small lobby, a bathroom, kitchenette, a classroom and a healing/massage room



Massage and Bodywork Healing Room
Tuesday Night Community Meditation Night!
Inititation into the Lineage of Salomon through the Mystery School
Classroom and Meditation Room!

Erin Wallace is a Hellerwork Practitioner, Massage Therapist and Initiated Guide, Healer, Teacher, Kabbalist, Magus Hermeticus in Service (3rd Step Ritual Master) in the Lineage of King Salomon the Wise through the Modern Mystery School



Who I am, my path and mission!


I have always been an activist, motivated to shift the world in any way I could.  I do not approve of the way the world is at the moment and I am determined to shift it for the better! So within so without- I take responsibility for my part in this and that awareness has driven me to do much inner work as detailed below.


I have found the best and most effective way to help is to offer ways in which my brothers and sisters can have space to clear and heal themselves in order to discover and uncover their own innate Divinity.  Since we are all children of God, it is important for us to remember this truth so that we can love ourselves.  When we love ourselves we love each other.  When we love each other we love all beings.


My mission is to be a champion for ALL beings.  More to come on this as it is unfolding at the moment.


My path

In junior high I began volunteering at a wildlife rehabilitation center. In highschool I was in charge of organizing an Earth Day celebration and co-founder of many clubs including "Youth for Environmental Action" (YEA) and "The Aware Ones" and I was honored by recieving the 'Beyond War' award and featured on the cover of two magazines.  I learned at an early age the pitfalls of ego attachment to titles and how too many meetings can get in the way of true action.


In college, after a traumatic experience I became depressed and noticed how my negative thoughts created a downward spiral of more misery.  Grace saved me when I discovered a book on metaphysics that reminded me that thoughts are things and they ultimately create and shape your world.  I applied the techniques and found my joy and passion again.


This discovery led me to focus on all methods of metaphysical healing while I was completing my Environmental Studies major and Philosophy minor at the University of Oregon.  I studied Shamanic Healing with Michael Harner, Aura Healing with Barbara Brennan, recieved a Reiki attunement, walked on hot coals, did sweat lodge ceremonies, studied Kundalini Yoga- and on and on!  I began finding power animals for my friends and applying what I learned.  My favorite class at University was "Physicist's View of Nature" with Amit Goswami (featured in the movie 'What the Bleep do we Know') The study of Quantum Physics was so exciting because it scientifically proved the beliefs about the world that I already held and wanted to share with everyone- that our consciousness affects the material world.


Many synchronicities led me to move to Boulder, CO where I ended up discovering and learning Alchemical Hypnotherapy.  Alchemical Hypnotherapy is a deep healing that involves uncovering painful and repressed shadow moments and apsects and shifting them into your most amazing inner treasure.  Studying and working with this helped me to establish a solid inner world that began to mirror my outer world.  I then, through another series of synchronicities was magickally led to live on a commune that hosted famous metaphysical and spiritual leaders.  I learned much about myself from the constant interface with other people and had a taste of what was close to a uptopian society.  I felt that I would like to be more amongst the public, there was a shadow side of communal living in the sense of hiding away.


Life led me back to California and I studied massage at Harbin Hotsprings, and then Hellerwork in Australia. Going through the Hellerwork Practitioner Training program I was able to face many of my demons and addictive patterning that kept me from being present in my body. The Hellerwork series was profound and literally changed my posture and the way I walk and carry myself through the world on all levels from Physical to Spiritual.


The day I returned to the states in late 2004,  I found the Modern Mystery School.  I knew immediately when I heard about the 22 Strand DNA Activation that I absolutely must learn how to do this because when I was 18, a clairvoyant reminded me that I was here to help my brothers and sisters remember who they were by activating their DNA.  So I took all the prerequisites (that I now offer right here at my center) of Empower Thyself, Sacred Geometry, Astral Travel, Journeys of the Spirit so that I could go to the Healer's Academy to learn the 22 Strand DNA Activation (now called the Life Activation) and I have continued studying and growing with the Modern Mystery School ever since.  I even had the honor of teaching on the International Panel for the Healer's Academy 4 times.  I was also able to study with Dr. Maseru Emoto, the author of "Hidden Messages in Water" and have been to Japan 17 times in the last 4 years to study with the Head Lineage Holder of the Modern Mystery School, Gudni Gudnason.  I not only needed to travel to Japan several times, but also Toronto around 20 times, Seattle, and Los Angeles to acquire these powerful and holy teachings.


It is my pleasure to provide and offer many of the Mystery School classes here at your doorstep at Transformational Healing Center. 


Transformational Healing Center is now the biggest hub for the Modern Mystery School teachings in Northern California.  I welcome you into our community of heart centered people.


I have benefited from every class and healing that I offer and I am confident that I can help you achieve your healing goals.  I am empathic, sensitive and kind and here to love and accept you.  You are me and I am you!


I look forward to serving you!

Erin Wallace